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Three out of three little experts agree our maternity suites are a special place to be born. For starters, we’re close to home. With all of the visits leading up to the big day, not having to drive a long distance is a real advantage. Not to mention the fact that you may need to get to the hospital in a hurry if your little one decides to arrive early. And, once he or she has arrived, it’ll be more convenient for family and friends to come see your newborn for the first time.

Plus, our beautiful and spacious suites are designed specifically to accommodate labor, delivery, recovery and post-partum in a single, private setting. We have created an ideal environment for you and your family to experience the miracle of childbirth.

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But, perhaps the most attractive aspect of the birthing experience at Southwest Regional is our team of eight OB/GYNs. Our caring physicians and their compassionate support staff treat each newborn they deliver as a labor of love.

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